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25 Jun


Out with old and in with the new

June 25, 2013 | By |

In the next two days I have off I will be revamping my schedule drastically…. What does this mean? Well, I will be in contact with several people that may need to be rebooked…. the past year has proven life changing. If I could go back to the beginning of LiveOnce I would have done everything on my own from the very beginning which would have provided me ample time to figure out how to run the business on my own as well as maintain my health and personal life. The ALL NEW website will be launched this week and contain all my old work some pre-dating LiveOnce, but I will make time to post new pictures, AND if u want to write a blurb about your tattoo I can post them to give other customers insight as why the piece was done ….

Tattooing will be 8-10 hours max a day for 3 days a week, emails, phone messages, text messages, consultations and measurements, cleaning and sterilization of instruments, ordering supplies, website and facebook and instagram updates & maintenance, advertising, bill payments, DRAWING the custom pieces will all be done on the next 2 following days, then I can actually have a 2 day weekend to get chores done and finally enjoy my home and toys! My regulars know how much stress I have been under and how much I love doing this…. but for health reasons I need to organize my time more properly…I’M NOT DYING!! LOL!! However, if I burn the candle at both ends anymore the risk of stress related illnesses can and will eventually happen and then I’m no good to anyone…. To ensure that customers are not going to cancel last minute EVERYONE must now place a deposit on their session. It is not fair to other customers who are waiting 3 months to get in then someone cancels last minute after I spent multiple hours on drawing for someone else.

I will be answering messages, emails, texts, etc etc etc in the next two days… the website will be up and running this week with a perfectly laid out APPOINTMENT making section to ensure no more questions like ‘How much for a tattoo?’…. it’s a step by step question and answer set up page that will get me the info i need to book people in…. In the future i will have proper self measurement videos as well but the consultation appointment will still be a necessary part of most tattoo scheduling as it is hands on and very informative for both the customer as well as myself.